Things that your dog does not like at all

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There are many things that pets often do not like to be seen by their boss. For example, sometimes we love our dog so much that we try to force our emotions into force. We feel that it is good to hug our dog with our tight hairs, but in reality he feels bad. We all have bad habits but we feel like they liked us, but it is not so. Your dogs get bothered by many of your habits. So before loving your dog before knowing what they like and what not.

1. Dog paw
Many people lovingly pamper their dogs, maybe you like it but not your dog. If your dog clears his face while he pauses, then he does not like it at all. Especially when an outsider does all this.

2. When you embrace your dog
It may surprise you, but it is true that many dogs do not like to embrace. When we feel embraced in humans, we express our love for them. But this does not happen in dogs. When dogs keep their hands on the back of a dog, they show their dominance. And that is when you do with him, your dog thinks that you are showing Rob on him. That is why they scare and cut.

3. Flirting

People enjoy a lot of time to tamper with dogs and they often do more than the kids, so that the dog bites them. Dogs can not talk to us by saying that when we draw their ears or ask them they feel bad. So let the next time explain to your children that it can prove to be dangerous for them.

4. When you bind them with a chain
Dogs get bored when you wear tight chains. If these chains are loose, they feel their freedom. If the dog chain is loose, he will walk with you to the walk comfortably. If you attach tight titles, then it will bite and bite at all

5. Someone whom he does not like
If your dog does not like any of your friends then keep him away from the dog. You will protect him for the dog, and he wants you to protect him from others. If the dog likes Rehana with your parents, partner or friends, then you will know immediately

6. You are busy
If you are too busy then your dog will not like it at all. They need your attention. When you do not spend time with your dog, then he feels that you do not love him. You come to the house of tired and fall asleep and eat the food and see the TV in the free time. It is bad for your health, but also for your dog. So take a little time to go with your dog on the walk.

7. Do not have rules
Unless you believe you should have some rules for pets in your home. Pets in the house are like children and they also have some limitations. Just as if teach the right rules to the children, they grow up and become good people as well as dogs. Teach dogs that some rules apply to them to stay at home. By which, they will be treated in the most decent manner.

8. When you lift it
Do you feel good when someone wakes up early in the morning? As it is with your dog, it also needs full sleep. If you are bored, it does not mean here that you break your dog’s sleep. Teach your children this too. And do not spoil your dog’s sleep.