Take care of your pets part-1

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With the changing times, pets have become members of the house. Of course, as much as the PETS are open, they will keep your life as happy. If there is loneliness in life then it can prove to be outside. If they need protection then they protect and save. Let’s know how to keep them:

Just think, when you return home after the fatigue of the whole day, your lovely doggy at home will be ready to play with you. You will lose your fatigue after seeing it. Her innocent face will forget all the gum. When your cat sits quietly at you on the couch, it will be a different one. You can see the floating fish in the Aquarium.

Preparations before fetching pets

Pet Dogs & Cats
– You have to prepare mentally before bringing pets home. You want to bring a new member in the house This is exactly the same as a new baby is coming in the house. You have to be ready to give him time and attention.
– Basic requirements for pets include both space and time. You have to spend time with them so they will not be disturbed in the new environment. By the way, they will stay in your entire house, but they will also need a personal space.
– Before choosing a large size belt, check the size of your home and decide on your living space. Many times it is seen that people take a big size Doggy like Labrador, Dollamento or Great Dane Pal, but they soon realize that the house is not being fulfilled in the pet’s direction.
– You will have to understand that if your stomach does not get enough room to live in the house then it will also become depressed.
– Pets can fix some part of the house. For example, a place can be fixed under the stairs or on the terrace.
– This place can be decorated according to the weather. In summer, keep a light cushion for their seats and in winter the quilt or blanket can be kept.

It is better to keep the fish in the living room. It is easy to feel comfortable to see them constantly.
Before bringing the fish, it must be sure to know which type of fish can live with a variety of fish. If not doing this, the fish can kill each other.
– Aquarium should be at least 2 feet long, one and a half feet wide and one and a half feet high. It will be available for around Rs 1500.

How many lives of pets?
Dog – 6 to 15 years
Cat- 10 to 15 years
Rabbit- 8 to 12 years
Rat- 2 to 4 years
Fish- 2 to 4 years


Where to Get Pets

pet dog
If you are thinking of raising the animals of a foreign breed, also take care that the weather of your city is fit for him or not.
– Do not buy and decrypt a dog less than 6-8 weeks in any case. Dogs under the age of need are very much needed by their mother’s milk and if they do not get them they can become ill.
Animal right activist advises people to do street dog abruptness in India.
– Many NGOs continually drive a drive to select Street Dogs on social media and websites. Regular camps are also set up for this. Keep an eye on them. After giving them the vaccination, they give them for supplementation. That’s why they are safe.
If you want to follow the dog of an exotic breed then get the correct information about his lifestyle.