Take care of your pets part-2

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– Like a dog, the cat should not be judged even before 6-8 weeks.
– If they are under age while taking pets, they do not have much trouble staying in your house.
Cats are often found in the Adoption Center but you can also take a cat at the location of www.pawsindia.org.
– The price of foreign cats can range from Rs 5000 to Rs 50,000.

– The colorful and beautiful fish you have to buy from the Aquarium Shop.
– The price of these fish can be from Rs 500 per fish to Rs 10,000.
– Buy fish from a trusted shop, otherwise there is a risk of getting sick or infections.

After taking pets
pet dog
– Feed the pet dog only at the place where he lives, so that he will know that it is his home.
– Give it at lunch only. Due to frequent feeding, it can worsen the habit. 3-4 times a day is enough.
-It would be good to take him out of the house for morning and evening potty and urine. Dissate this habit when it is small
– Nowadays a new problem is being seen. Dogs are getting obesity.
– Obesity can also be the cause of many diseases for pets like humans. Exercise not only keeps your pets fit but will also be active.
– Doing the workout in addition to rotating the dog out in the morning and evening.
– As a workout, jogging with Dogi can be done. Apart from this, you can also play games like throwing a frisbee or throwing ball.
– Plan some of the games that work hard for jumping and jumping.

– Get the habit of keeping the cat on its fixed place.
– Do not always keep him in the lap. Keeping her fixed on her place will make her feel very comfortable.
Cats often sit in the clothes and blankets, so keep the clothes closet closed.

For continuous supply of Oxygen in Aquarium, a special type of pump should also be fit in the Aquarium, which is power operated. Check it well too. It costs around Rs 500.
– In this way, the pump is needed to filter the water. It is also around 500 rupees.
– Do not change the water of Aquarium repeatedly. Instead of cleaning the filter every week instead of clean it. Old water for fishes is better. Actually new water comes with its infection.

Check the filter pump periodically. Fishes die due to the pump slough.
– Get the condition of the fish conditioned from the fish shop or else the other fish will also become sick.

Confusion of Diet

Dogs and Cats

– When you bring the pets to your house, then you have to understand how their food system is.
You have to understand one thing that dogs and cats have different needs for humans.
– Because of their small size, they spend more energy than people in energy. The distance that we take in a step, a small dog will take four steps in such a distance.
– It would be better if a dog or cat has been given a dietary feed on the pet care shop built for them in the first 9 months. This will keep their nutrition level correct.
Expert opinions are divided on milk consumption. Some say that milk should be provided and some say that milk should not be given. By adopting the middle path, it can be concluded that Dogi or Cat should not be completely dependent on milk.
There is no harm in giving dairy products such as paneer and curd.
Sugar, oil, salt and spicy food cause significant damage to dogs and cats.