Take care of your pets part-3

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– Special grains are needed to feed the fish. It can be bought from the market.
Generally people even put some food in the Aquarium. This threatens to spread infection with dirt in the aquarium.

– Keep in mind that their nails and hair do not grow too much. As dogs grow their nails, they make voice while walking. Enlargement nails call infections.
Keep their ears and nose clean. Cotton buds can be used for this.
– It will be good to take a shower in the winter for 2 days a week.
Many people put detergents or det to the water while bathing a dog or cat. Do not do that at all. This can lead to skin problems.
If your dog’s breed looks more hot, then keep it in the same cool place.
Take special care of cleaning in the rain as insects and infections spread rapidly during this season.

On cutting
After exposure, after the bite, the risk of infections in the PETS is equal to Na.
– Do not get bothered by a small scratch. Wash with water and apply antiseptic cream.
If the wound is bigger and deeper, wash it straight away and go to the doctor.
Whenever any bite is bitten, people often beat it or punish it as punishment. this is not right. They also do this in a passion. They do this when they feel threatened by themselves or when they seem to be moving away from themselves a favorite thing.

Festival Season
– The festivals are continuously going on in our country. Pets in Holi and Diwali can be quite difficult.
– As far as the PETS stay away from crackers and colors, the better it will be. However, you do not have to keep it for only one day. When preparing for home or the surroundings because of a festival or another reason, then prepare the pets for it too. Keep them somewhere that the sound of color or crackers does not reach them. Do not leave them alone. Confirm that they do not need to be scared and you are around them with a slap and push.

The veterinary doctor can advise for pet sterilization. If you have a female doctor then you have to think how much you can keep in the house. There are many cases when people do not want to increase the PETS family, but Female Dogi gives birth to many Papizzes. After that it becomes difficult to handle them. You can not keep an eye on your pets all the time. In such cases, a female doctor can go out and do the mating. To avoid such a situation, sterilization is the best option. After sterilization, the dowry can be a little less aggravating.


For the dog
Rain coat and rain shoes
Price- 100-200

For the cat
Scratch post or pad (It’s a great deal to rub themselves with it)
Price-500 – 2000

There are many types of models available in the market to decorate the aquarium, which can be decorated in different themes. Apart from this, Oxygen Stone is also found, which keeps on continuously releasing bubbles.
Price- 100-200

First stop veterinary doctor
– After administering any pets or bringing home, take them first to the doctor.
– Pets like dogs or cats have to care for their age.
– The exact age is not known when bringing pets from outside. In such a situation, the doctor can give the correct information and can also tell care by age.
– Vaccination is most important to protect pets from infection or disease.
– Do not miss any vacuum in any aspect. Apart from this you can also have problems with pets.

Identify the disease
Dogs and Cats
– They are usually prone to itching or stomach upset.
– If they look slower than 24 hours and do not eat anything then they should be taken to the doctor.
If they vomit, then take them to the doctor quickly or else their lack of water can make their health worse.
If the dog is vomiting and the white colored teeth are showing on its stomach, take it immediately to the doctor.
– The problem of itching and worms also disturbs them.
– In the case of itching, for the dog, Notix and Bolfo, Bharat International brand powder for cats is good.

Fish can be a victim of fungal infections.
– White or black spots on skin are a sign of infection.
– Whenever new fish is added to the Aquarium, then there must be anti-icing or anti-fungal medicines. This drug will be found in the Pet Shop at Rs 50-100.
– Whenever water changes, add the medicine called ‘General Aid’ in it.

Bird crib illegal
According to the law, any wild animal or bird can be punished up to 3 years of closure.
Do not keep the dog-cat in such a condition, that it injures itself, like locking it in the chain or closing it in the chain and going out for hours. Such behaviors on pets also fall under the category of atrocities. If someone complains to the police then punishment can also happen.
To issue a license for municipal corporation registration, the Dogi issues license. Usually this license issues within 50-100 rupees.