Learn Why Your Dog Pisses Inside Home?

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Dogs are the most adorable in pet animals, because sometimes it becomes very friendly. She is honest, entertaining and helpful.

It is said that the dog is the first animal that man has domesticated and it is also very loyal. They live in the streets around us and nowadays people have started to spend their homes.

Science has also acknowledged that people who keep pets in their home do not have depression and stress. Just think, your day may have been bad in the office, but as soon as you come home you knock on the door then come to your dog’s door. For a time you forget all your worries and just play with your pet.

It will also have to pay attention to getting a dog in the house i.e. its cleanliness. And in such a case if a dog pisses in the house then it feels so messy. And its stench does not even go smoothly. But have you thought why dogs piss inside the house?


Do you know the dogs understand gestures like us and also give their feedback on them. So if you teach your dog that where he is not doing pitch at that place then there are many reasons for this. Today we will try to know about these reasons.

Dog is PEEING indoors; Here’s Why- Learn Why Your Dog Pisses Inside Home

1. Stimulus
A dog is an animal that is very aggressive animal. When they are away from their loved ones or their owners, they become unhappy. And when their boss comes home after working full day they are happy. In such a case, due to happiness many dogs start urinating inside the house. And this is very common.


2. Do not train properly
Many times, if the dog is not taught then they urinate inside the house. It is necessary that you have a habit of walking outside the house since childhood. Also teach that he should tell you that he wants to go out. This will make your dog go out of the house and urinate.

3. Skip marking your area

Every animal leaves its mark in its place of residence, so that any other animal coming to that place will know that it is its territory. Some such dogs also do. Now because we keep dogs in the house then they start doing it inside the house. It can be fixed. Just give a little training.

4. Get sick
If you have trained your dog well, but still he is pissing inside the house then be cautious. Your dog may be sick and may lead to diseases such as cystitis, urinary infection, diabetes, or bladder stones. So do not be late at all, take the doctor immediately.

5. Because of fear
Sometimes the dogs also urinate due to fear or scolding. It has been seen mostly in dogs children. But large dogs also urinate because of fear. So do not scream at them and not date.

thus by adopting all these measures we can re-solve this messy problems.