Is your dog not eating ?

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Sometimes your dog or cat does not eat for some time, maybe he should eat later, but if it happens for more than 24 hours then there may be a problem, it is necessary to check that Why does not he eat that food?

This disease is known as anorexia due to lack of appetite, but in an anorexia in patts is different from humans. For example, the disease of anorexia nervosa can be caused by animals in many cases. This problem can be medical or psychological, and many times it is necessary to pay attention to it otherwise the problem may be large.

In Patos, there is a lack of hunger in anorexia, which reduces their health. If you think your pat is suffering from this problem then you should do some things. Note the habit of eating it and if you do not eat it then you should do some things, let’s look at some such things.

1. Keeping Pets feeding human food, keep in mind
When feeding the pat that we eat, keep in mind that the diet does not exceed 20 percent of the diet. We often put our left hand and wet food pats, in which they start to like our food so much that they start leaving their food.

2. Human food can cause pain in their stomach
Eating more people’s food can lead to problems related to stomach in animals. Spicy food, more sweet and more dairy products can cause dogs and cats stomachache or diarrhea (diarrhea). This may also be the reason Pats do not eat their food.

3. Dental problems should also be checked

There may be a tooth or gum problem in eating patches. Behind their low appetite, we make a special look at this reason, but due to the tooth problems, they may have trouble chewing food. Therefore, keep in mind that to prevent this from occurring, doctors should check their teeth problem.

4. By changing the routine, they may be stressed
A normal change in Pat’s routine can also affect his eating habits. So keep in mind that whatever changes you want to make, gradually get them done.

5. Aging may also be the reason
If your pat is much older then he may have problems eating it. In such cases, they need to give medicines. In this condition, you should consult with a good veterinarian and make some changes in his diet so that he is easy to eat.

6. Practical problems may also occur
There may be a second pat in the house at the time of not eating one of your pat food. It can also be a practical problem, in such a way, leave the pat alone in the time of eating food.

7. Problems with stomach worms can also be
Patches can also cause anorexia due to stomach worms. To protect your pats from such insects, keep them away from unhygienic, crowded and stressful environments, as well as not feeding useless quality and feeding in full quantity.

Hope these tips helps you in case if you are facing it.