Caring of your Dog

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You must take special care of your dog as soon as winter begins. All dogs do not get coats or shaws of fur, but if there is a dog in your house, then there is a need to take special care of them in the winter days.

Dogs have more trouble in the winter season, if you do not have the place to sleep in the house then they can be more difficult. Here are some tips for taking care of dogs in winter:

Dosage: As the temperature drops, you stop feeding the dog cold things. Do not give him rice. Give him such things to eat, which gives him warmth and maximum energy. Keep some food for them at night.

Warm Layer: Prepare the shed for your dog so that it is free from cold. Make him sit in a hot bed like a torn blanket, and it will keep getting hot.

Keep away from fire or lamp: If you have a dog in your house then give it a hot bed, but do not keep it near fire or lamp, it can burn it.

Give the dog enough water: In winter, dogs do not drink enough water, so they are more prone to cold. Give your dog at least two liters of water a day. This will keep the water in his stomach and it will not be cold.

Bathe well and dry: after waking your dog in winter, dry well after drying in the sun. This will not make him cold.

Give special treatment: Show you the veterinarian during the winter season, he can give them special medicines, which can help him get relief from the cold.

Injuries of Dogs

Dog can be injected due to an accident, fight with other dog or an infection. But do you know about the dog’s injuries treatment? If you have your dog then you must know about first aid.

There are some special spats for treating dogs’ injuries. Let us tell you about these steps.

1. approaches

The dog becomes frightened by pain after injury. For them it is a shock situation in a way. In this situation if you hurry and hurry, then your dog can be furious or scared to run away. So if the dog has been hurt, treat them with softness and peace. The dog should realize that he is safe with you. This is the first important step taken in the direction of treatment.

2. See it well

Do not touch the dog or injury immediately after reaching the dog. Look at the dog’s gestures and movements before taking any steps. If the dog is gurra or bark then do not show love to them. The dog in the fear may cut you off. Also check the wounds well. You must first know about the severity of injury.

3. Tie a dog

The next important step is to bind the dog to a tree or pillar. This will also keep you safe and the dog will also be calm. You can use a rope, cloth or chain to bind the dog. Unless you do this, do not touch their wounds. The pain of injury can increase due to touching. He gets scared and runs away. That is why you must bind them before doing anything.

4. First Aid

When the dog cools down and becomes completely friendly with you, let him sleep in such a way that the wound may appear. Now clean the wound carefully and gradually by putting hydrogen peroxide on cotton. While keeping doing so, keep the dog comfortable. If you take help of someone else in this step then it will be good. You can also use an antiseptic to clean the wound.

5. Tie the bandage

After clearing the wound, you will understand how serious it is. If the wound is too deep, then get help from the doctor. But if you feel that it can be fine on your own, then use dressing pad and cotton to cover the wound. Covering the wound is very important because it prevents the spread from spreading.

These were some steps you could take in dog treating the injuries. And of course, if you have not had any experience before, do not apply the above mentioned things to street dogs.